Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This little girl....

This little girl is going to be what keeps me smiling today! 

dirty licorice face and all :) 
My camera is off to the repair shop this morning :(  There is something wrong with the mirror.  And I am just crossing my fingers and will say a prayer that it is not a major ($) fix!!  And if you have a session scheduled with us soon, don't worry....we've got you covered !  Although, if it is a major fix, maybe this will be the excuse I need to upgrade to the Canon 5D mark II!  Or maybe that one's still a dream....!
Although maybe that dream will be closer than I think if I keep saving like this...


This was a few weeks ago now, but it has been my best savings trip yet!  I am finding it harder and harder to buy things that aren't on sale, or that I don't have a coupon for!  It has been a challenge at times, because it does take so much time, but it is definitely worth it!  What's been your biggest savings in one trip?  I have only gotten this high once, but it seems like my grocery bill has been cut almost in half since I started!
Happy hump day!


  1. Where do you get your coupons from? I have a hard time finding coupons for items that i actually buy!

  2. That was my problem before when I tried it. I found myself buying things I really didn't use just because "I had a coupon" and felt I was saving money. I've been getting what I can online and different coupon sites, but still not enough to manage that kind of savings. You folks down there are incredibly lucky if you still have double, and sometimes triple, coupons. That doesn't happen here. Any extra hints and tips would be fantastic!

  3. Anita (both of you! LOL) A lot of my savings come from toilet paper/hair care/deoderant/cleaning products/etc... but I also use coupons for cheese, yogurt, cereal, bread, bagged salads, peanut butter, jelly, etc. there are certainly lots of coupons that are for things I don't buy, but there are lots I can use! Like last week at Fry's the Sobe lifewater was $.49 ea. if you bought 8, and from playing the 'twist the cap game' on, I always win and get BOGO free coupons. so last week I had about 10 coupons to use for those. (each time you play the game, it will let you print two coupons) so those came out to be $.25 each....good deal! And fry's sends me their coupons in the mail....some good ones they sent two weeks ago are free head of lettuce, apple juice coupons, save $3 when you spend $10 in the meat dept, etc...I get a lot of my coupons on, and I check everyday for deals. But I also get the coupons from at least 3 different sunday papers. I don't buy things just because I have a coupon....I will definately by the store brand or another brand if that comes out to be cheaper! And diapers, I always have pampers coupons, so I watch for when there is a good sale on them somewhere...then stock up!
    Yeah Anita, Fry's is still doing all coupons worth $1 right now, so that is awesome! and they are also taking all other competitors coupons. Safeway and Albertsons have started doing thier own in-store coupons in their ads....but fry's will take them! and in fresh and easy's ad every week there are two coupons that fry's will $3 when you spend $30 or save $5 when you spend $50....also albertsons in their ads has a coupon for $10 off your order when you spend over $100....and fry's takes those too! they got a good thing going on :)

  4. Sounds like you do everything I've been doing, Frys is awesome! I got a bunch of men & womens deodorants free. Hand soap free. Laundry soap for $1.00, kleenex for .25 - The yogurts were cheap,& cereal too. The starbucks icecream at Albertsons ended up being .25 -It's hard to pay full price for something when you get into doing coupons! On some of my receipts I saved 70% of my bill... hope Frys keeps up what they are doing for awhile! You picked up on it quick- a fast learner! I'll have to check out deals4dummies, thx...

  5. Laura, what laundry soap did you get for $1.00?