Sunday, August 22, 2010

re-group day....

Growing up, when us kids would start to get major attitudes going on, because we'd been running too much, or dad would make us stay home for a while and "re-group."  Although, it must not have been until we were older because I sure do remember being plain old "grounded" too!  :)  Well....that was one of those days around here today....we "re-grouped!"  and it was good.  The first week of school always leaves everyone tired and cranky, and with that comes attitudes and whining and the whole works!  It wasn't intentional that I stayed home with the kids from church...we kind of overslept!  But it did feel good to have a day where there was nothing that had to be done, and there was nowhere that we HAD to go!  (although I did make a dash to target because we were out of diapers)
We just kind of lazed around and ended the day with a bike ride to grandma and grandpa's house  :)  We took a quick dip in their pool, had a short visit, then made our way back home again.  Everyone loved it, and i'm sure we were quite the site on the road!  We finally all have working bikes, and I can't wait for the weather to start cooling off and we can enjoy it even more!


what is something that made your weekend great?
Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. I love this picture! Betty

  2. I know it's hot to wear helmets, but there are crazy drivers out there! Or we can wipe out too, it happens! My neighbor is a Fire Fighter & asked me to please wear one. A helmet can crack if your head hits the ground, but at least it saves the only brain we have! I bike a lot with the trailer too, he said I should have one on Grady too, he refuses to keep one on tho'. Happy biking!