Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack and Adrianne {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

Jack and Adrianne were married in Cave Creek this past Saturday, but first we headed off to the Desert Ridge Marriot where we got some great pictures!  These are a few that caught my eye while looking through them the first time...
I love this picture of her!  This was while we were waiting for Jack and the bouquets to arrive!
IMG_3414 copy        IMG_3455


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taryn's 5 month photo...

Here it is:)  A little late this month, but hey, it's December, and it's busy!  Does that excuse work?
This month was a challenge!  It was hard to get her to sit right...she just learned how to sit about a week ago, and all she wants to do is grab her toes and try to get them to her mouth!  And it didn't help that I lost my voice, so I had to rely on my 4 year old to get her attention!  But we got it!  Doesn't she just get cuter all the time!?  :)
5 monthsTaryn outtakes

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Singin in the swing...

I was working away at my computer and glanced over at Taryn to find her just hanging out in her swing like she is a big girl!!  Time to start buckling her in!  And this reminds me, I haven't done her 5 month pictures with care bear yet!!  I am slacking big time!  So stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of that:)Taryn swing

a few more....

I thought I'd share a few more pictures from the Nickerson clan from this past Sunday.  Jared is very sick, and only God knows how much longer he will be with us here before He calls him home to be one of his angels.  But I was so touched to see how much love surrounds him at home!!  I just love these first two pictures.  He is sure blessed to have such wonderful family!
Jared 1
Jared 2

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nickerson Family {Phoenix family photographer}

Here is one family picture of the Nickerson family.  Jared was able to be up in his chair for about a half hour, and we got some great pictures!
  IMG_0199 4x6

Buckallew family {phoenix family photographer}

I haven't even started editing my pictures from yesterdays photo shoot with my sister Lisa and her family, but this one just jumped out at me!  So thought I'd share it:)  Yesterday was a jam-packed day with church in the morning, then straight from there to take pictures of the nickerson family in Glendale, then home to drop off the family, then off to Mesa Arts Center for the Buckallew clan's family pictures, then caroling in the evening with a few other families.  Was a fun day but with LOTS of driving.  From Cave Creek, to Glendale, to North Phoenix, to Mesa, to circling around North Phoenix a few more times, to Cave Creek!  Whew!  No wonder I crashed at 9:30!
IMG_3004 4x6

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast

My cute little Turkey Toni!!  I had the privilege of spending a morning in her class for her Thanksgiving feast!  The teacher read the cutest story of being Thankful, they sang a few songs, and then we had our "feast"!  She was just thrilled to have me there, and I was thrilled to be there!


new lens!

While on a photo shoot about a month and a half ago, I had my camera bag stolen, and with the bag were two of my lenses.  It was taken from the Phoenix Biltmore, when I turned my back on my bag for about 4 minutes!  I definately learned my lesson:)  Anyways, I have so far bought one new lens, and am working on replacing my 2nd one.  I got the Canon 24-70, and I am loving it!  It has been a lot of fun playing with it:)  As soon as I opened the box, I started are a few of it's first pictures...IMG_2025