Monday, December 7, 2009

Buckallew family {phoenix family photographer}

I haven't even started editing my pictures from yesterdays photo shoot with my sister Lisa and her family, but this one just jumped out at me!  So thought I'd share it:)  Yesterday was a jam-packed day with church in the morning, then straight from there to take pictures of the nickerson family in Glendale, then home to drop off the family, then off to Mesa Arts Center for the Buckallew clan's family pictures, then caroling in the evening with a few other families.  Was a fun day but with LOTS of driving.  From Cave Creek, to Glendale, to North Phoenix, to Mesa, to circling around North Phoenix a few more times, to Cave Creek!  Whew!  No wonder I crashed at 9:30!
IMG_3004 4x6

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  1. Makes me chuckle looking at the picture. The picture is wonderful ... the memories of visiting with them bring the chuckles. :) Where did you shoot these?