Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toni's end of the year program.....

Was so cute to watch!  This past Tuesday night was the Kindergartener's end of the year musical, and they sang all the songs they have learned throughout the year.  It is always so fun going to this program, and Toni was so cute when she got up on stage and spotted us in the crowd!  She kept tapping her teacher on the arm (who was trying to organize kids, and is the most patient person ever!) to tell her "look, my baby Taryn is here too!"  She was so excited and couldn't stop waving and pointing us out to her friends next to her.  Frans and I just sat there and waved with smiles so big our cheeks hurt! 
So another year ends today, and the lazy days of summer are going to start.  Hard to believe that we will have our fourth girl start Kindergarten!  Toni is feeling like a pretty big girl too, because after pre-school and Kindergarten, now she is going to be a big 1st grader!  Fun stuff :)
I had to keep this little bugger entertained during the program...and boy was she busy!!

Trina was so cute....clapping at all the right times, and for the second half of the program, she stood on the bench swaying and waving her arms and singing right along with the kids!  I wish I could have gotten a picture!

This wonderful teacher Roseanne is a retired elementary school teacher and volunteers at the school two days a week teaching music in the Kindergarten classrooms.  She is amazing, and the program was awesome!  We were fortunate to have her this year!!

And Toni with her so so wonderful teacher Miss Burns!!  I wish I would have had more time this year to volunteer in her class, but it just didn't work out...  we will miss her!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

look who's 5!

I think turning 5 is the most exciting age to turn!  It is definately the most anticipated birthday I means that you are finally old enough for Kindergarten!  We celebrated Alanys' birthday at the park with pizza and cupcakes:)  I can't believe this sweetie of mine is going to be starting school in just a few short months!  She is a big-time mommy's girl, and we are going to miss her during the days!

Blog 1
Blog 6

This is her nervous look....I love it:)

Blog 2

She was just thrilled when I brought her to the store to get 5 balloons!

Blog 3
The wind kept blowing out her candle!

Blog 5

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3rd times a charm...

Or at least I hope so!  Her is the newest addition to our family....introducing:  Lulu!  She is part American bulldog, black lab, and german shephard and she is just 6 weeks old.  We have had her since Saturday when I saw a sign while garage saling that said "free puppies"....(As if I'm not already busy enough, now we add a puppy to the mix!)  Of course the girls were so excited, and they just love her to bits.  I do gotta admit, she is pretty darn cute!
Lulu nose