Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just for fun....

I do have work I should be doing, but I did manage to squeeze in time to put together two scrapbook pages today!  I have not done this for quite some time now, so these are nothing fancy, but at least it's got me motivated again!  I'm hoping to get lots of pages done before this new baby comes!  Hopefully I am able to!  On the "Kierstyn" page, I could not think of a good word  to describe her that starts with a 'y'.  She is a talker tho, so that's how I got Yapper....wonder if I should have put  "yacker" instead...does anyone else know of any other words that would work?
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Martin family...

I took some family photos for my friend Andrea last week at DC Ranch in North Scottsdale.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session.
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Cesar and Veronica

Cesar and Veronica were married on March 14th at St. Mary's Church in Chandler.  They were a wonderful couple, and we had a great time spending the day with them!317 300 285 265  175

baby girl

Here are a few pictures of Lori and Troy's first born.  she is the sweetest little girl, and slept the whole time we took pictures!  Nothing was bothering her!
 IMG_7647 IMG_7652 IMG_7662


Some updated pictures of our baby!  She is the light of all of our lives and is quite the character!  She loves shoes, sunglasses, being outdoors, and gets way excited when she hears dad pull in the driveway from work!  Here she figures she's got this mower problem under control...and I suppose without any boys around to lend a hand, dad will take any help he can get!
IMG_0936 IMG_0942 IMG_0947 IMG_7624 IMG_7612

North...to Alaska..

is where we went in February!!  We had the opportunity to go for a short (6 days) visit to see Jari and Anita finally!  It was an awesome trip filled with site-seeing, visiting, games and relaxing!  The trip went by much to quickly, and now we can't wait to make a summer-time trip there!  Maybe next year:)  Everywhere you looked the scenery was breathtaking, that I was glad I was a rider everywhere we went and not the driver!  I took many many pictures, here are just a few!~
IMG_0445 IMG_0370 IMG_0490 IMG_0516-1 IMG_0635 IMG_0649-1

It's always exciting..

when one of your kids loses their first tooth!  Toni was so excited to have lost one even before she went to Kindergarten!
IMG_4602 IMG_4607

Conner Troy...

This sweet little man is my good friend Heidi's newest baby, and our godchild.  He is the cutest little thing!IMG_6168 1 IMG_6196 1

Daryl and Jailene...

Daryl and Jailene were married in Cave Creek on January 31st.  They were the sweetest couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!  They were so giddy all day and were such an easy couple to photograph!
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Park day..

We spent a lot of time outdoors in January and February, because the weather was so awesome!  One of our favorite parks is the railroad park in Scottsdale.

Philip and Raquel..

Philip and Raquel were married on January 24th at St. Anne's church, with the reception following at the Mesa Hilton.  They and thier bridal party were such a fun crowd!  Here are a few shots from their special day.306323366 349 397 466366