Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just for fun....

I do have work I should be doing, but I did manage to squeeze in time to put together two scrapbook pages today!  I have not done this for quite some time now, so these are nothing fancy, but at least it's got me motivated again!  I'm hoping to get lots of pages done before this new baby comes!  Hopefully I am able to!  On the "Kierstyn" page, I could not think of a good word  to describe her that starts with a 'y'.  She is a talker tho, so that's how I got Yapper....wonder if I should have put  "yacker" instead...does anyone else know of any other words that would work?
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  1. Darling pages Jenny! Makes me itch to get busy again. I still haven't printed all the ones I got done before!