Saturday, May 2, 2009


My good friend Ronda is graduating from Pharmacy school on June 12th, so we had the 'long awaited graduation photo session'  yesterday at DC Ranch in Scottsdale!  She does not like having her picture she's not photogenic or something goofy like that...and we had some great laughs with "say cheese"!  fun, fun, but I'm sure she's glad to have that done with now!  Here are a few photos...this first one is my favorite, it will be fun to see which ones she picks out as hers!
IMG_9979 IMG_0080 IMG_0193


  1. these are really cute, i really like the first one!

  2. They are awesome! I forgot to ask her today what she thought of them. Will have to ask her tomorrow and see what she says. :) Great job!