Wednesday, May 6, 2009

we got bunnies!

We finally broke down and got two little 5 week old bunnies for the girls...and I gotta admit, they are pretty darn cute!  We had a yellow lab dog that we gave to a friend of ours, and I promised the girls that we would think about getting bunnies if our friends decided they wanted to keep the dog.  So we have two little bunnies that are sisters, and the girls just love them!  The brown ones name is sparkles I think, and the white one is princess....the names have changed several times already!

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  1. Super cute! Did you get a hutch for them? If not, and if you're still wanting one, check on Craigs List. Just saw a hutch on there the other day. A tad too far to ship to you tho'. :) Rupert (our rabbit) has left the cage. Thank goodness we have the greenhouse, because he wanders all over the yard nibbing everything. So far the tulips are safe. Now you need a kitten. Oreo and Rupert were playing tag today. Was more like Oreo chasing Rupert but they were having a blast. Can't wait to see them!