Thursday, May 14, 2009

someday, will I miss this?

We are home most days during the week for lunch, and I usually sit the girls down to eat at the table.  Trina, the little rascal, would rather eat at the table with the big kids than sit in her high chair.  And every day after they are done, when I go to wipe the table, this is what I see at the end of the bench....two little footprints.  And everytime I see them, the thought goes through my head, "will there be a day when I will miss seeing this?"  And everyday, I think, maybe I should just leave them instead of wiping them because they are kind of cute! Maybe I'm wierd?  Here are a few pictures, even tho they don't show them that well, and of course a picture of the rascal herself!
Trina feet1 Trina feet 2  Trina3

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  1. Yup ... someday you'll miss them. That is, should there be enough brain cells left to remember them!! Pictures, pictures, pictures. Grab it all and capture it. What a sweetie munchkin. Give her a squeeze from me.