Wednesday, May 20, 2009

downtown date night

Frans and I have been wanting to go downtown with our cameras for quite a while now.  So last Friday night we made a date night out of it, and had a lot of fun driving around right downtown, and on the not so nice outskirts a little bit.  I haven't had a chance to look through all the pictures that we took, but here are a couple that caught my eye.  Our goal was to get some shots that we could sell, and I can't wait to go again and see what else we can find!
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I love days like this....

I spent the morning cleaning, and at one point I had to stop and wonder what the girls were up to because it was so quiet. Usually Trina is right on my tail no matter what I'm doing, and even she was quiet! Here is how I found them...Toni and Alanys in one room, and Trina in another. Not very often this happens, so of course had to run for the camera and sneak up on them for a picture! and wouldn't you know it, now I sit here blogging about it, and Toni and Alanys are right by me fighting over a doll, and Trina wants up on my lap! oh was nice while it lasted!
IMG_8211 IMG_8214

Thursday, May 14, 2009

someday, will I miss this?

We are home most days during the week for lunch, and I usually sit the girls down to eat at the table.  Trina, the little rascal, would rather eat at the table with the big kids than sit in her high chair.  And every day after they are done, when I go to wipe the table, this is what I see at the end of the bench....two little footprints.  And everytime I see them, the thought goes through my head, "will there be a day when I will miss seeing this?"  And everyday, I think, maybe I should just leave them instead of wiping them because they are kind of cute! Maybe I'm wierd?  Here are a few pictures, even tho they don't show them that well, and of course a picture of the rascal herself!
Trina feet1 Trina feet 2  Trina3

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

we got bunnies!

We finally broke down and got two little 5 week old bunnies for the girls...and I gotta admit, they are pretty darn cute!  We had a yellow lab dog that we gave to a friend of ours, and I promised the girls that we would think about getting bunnies if our friends decided they wanted to keep the dog.  So we have two little bunnies that are sisters, and the girls just love them!  The brown ones name is sparkles I think, and the white one is princess....the names have changed several times already!

2009 graduates....

A few more shots of some 2009 graduates...

IMG_7593 1 IMG_8455 IMG_8405

Saturday, May 2, 2009


My good friend Ronda is graduating from Pharmacy school on June 12th, so we had the 'long awaited graduation photo session'  yesterday at DC Ranch in Scottsdale!  She does not like having her picture she's not photogenic or something goofy like that...and we had some great laughs with "say cheese"!  fun, fun, but I'm sure she's glad to have that done with now!  Here are a few photos...this first one is my favorite, it will be fun to see which ones she picks out as hers!
IMG_9979 IMG_0080 IMG_0193