Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast

My cute little Turkey Toni!!  I had the privilege of spending a morning in her class for her Thanksgiving feast!  The teacher read the cutest story of being Thankful, they sang a few songs, and then we had our "feast"!  She was just thrilled to have me there, and I was thrilled to be there!



  1. Toni - did you save me any pumpkin pie? What kind things did you find to be thankful for? We miss you!! We're thankful for you!

  2. Jenny am I imagining things or does Toni look a bit like Annie... That top picture of her from the side view she totally reminds me of Annie... what a cutie.

  3. yeah Lori, maybe she does a little bit! I always see Lisa's Taylor in her on the Forstie side...
    Anita, the teacher went around the room asking each kid what they are thankful for, and Toni said she is thankful for her 3 sisters! It was cute:)