Wednesday, August 4, 2010

75 years young...

Happy birthday today to my dear mother-in-law on her 75th birthday!!  We are not in Minnesota eating cake with her on her special day, nor were we there for her big celebration a few weeks ago...but we are very fortunate to have her in our lives for so many years, and we hope there are many more :)  The family in MN put on a surprise party for her a few weeks ago....
(a picture I stole off of our family blog)DSCF7504
We may not be able to attend all the special activities with them in MN, but at least we get them here for two weeks every February!   Here she is with her hubby of 46 years, and our girls last February.  Doesn't she look wonderful!!?
Gram and gramps
She may be 75, but she is so energetic and she sure doesn't let herself get bored!  From quilting, to traveling, to gardening, to writing her monthly newsletters, to baking and canning, and always making time for others, she is one special lady whom I admire greatly.  Happy 75th birthday Diane from the Arizona crew!