Wednesday, August 11, 2010

goggle guy and Taryn....

I ran across these pictures of my friend Andrea's little boy Flynn, and just had to post them.  He was so funny waddling along with his goggles!  This swimming was serious business!  And no matter how hard I tried, I could not get him to crack even the tiniest smile! 
First he's got to scope out the situation before he heads into the water.....Untitled4

ok, coast clear, but all that tired me out!  too funny... :)
And another one of Miss Taryn....

I finally figured out what the problem is....she's scared of Care Bear!!  So we called it quits and tried again the next day....


So now the question is....Do we try again for a smiling picture?  Or do I settle on this one as our final?
 What a little bugger she is being with our LAST picture!  Here she is each month....(click on it to see it bigger)
This was a fun project!!  And I only got behind a couple times :)


  1. I love the Care Bear & Taryn series! Such a cute idea. And I love the photos you got of Flynn! The world must look so different through smudged up, scratched goggles:) and he had so much fun running around the pool that he never actually got IN the pool...

  2. I'd say to settle with what you have ... pictures without smiles are priceless too especially when it's of your own child. After all, who of us will wear a smile at all times?