Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a date!

I decided not to wait until the weekend to go out together!  My got a sitter last minute and decided to take off :)  Thanks for watching the kiddos Julie!  We didn't do anything grand, but it was fun to just get out and be together....definately something we don't do often enough! 
We did a little shopping before going to Tempe Town Lake to check that out.  I hadn't been there since the damn burst, so it was pretty wild to see it all empty!  And I realized while there, that how ironic that we ended up that is where he proposed to me!  We were sitting on the wall with our feet dangling over the edge on the lake side, and he was so scared I was going to drop my ring in the water!!  Whew...could you imagine! 

IMG_8313 Frans climbed down to the bottom of the 'lake' to get some pictures of the mud....

I love the reflection of the bridge in this one!


From there we headed downtown where we hoped to end up at Pizza Bianco.... but after much walking, we found out they are closed for a week for their 'summer vacation'!!  I was a little annoyed!!  who just closes for a week!?  I got over it tho :)  But I have heard great reviews about their pizza....has anyone else been there?  Maybe next time we are down there we will have to check them out...
and a self timer portrait!  the ground was the only place to put the camera! IMG_8380

We ended our date with dinner at Chili's before heading home.  Fun fun!!

And I can't end the week without a recipe :) 
These are "Almost Candy Bars", and let me tell you....they are to die for!!  And you know me, I am all about easy, and these are definately easy!  But having them hanging out on the counter all week taunting me wasn't such a good thing!  But they are perfect for school lunches, or last minute company...


you will need:
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag butterscotch chips
1 box of devils food cake mix
1 stick butter
coconut (optional) ( I say optional, because I don't like coconut!)
Mix (room temp) butter and cake mix together until crumbly, then spread on the bottom of jelly roll pan.  sprinkle choco/butterscotch chips on top, and coconut, then drizzle all the milk on top.  bake at 350 degrees for 18-22 minutes.  so so so so good!!  Let me know if you try them and what you think!
Have a great weekend everyone!  Cooler temps are coming our way!!  I think it's only supposed to be 98 on Sunday, so it would be a great day for the lake :)


  1. Great pictures of the (mud) lake! cool that you were drawn there for your anniversary date:) Cute photo of you two-it's fun to go downtown but we haven't gone in years. And thanks for tempting me with the recipe... reminds me we should go out for a brownie sundae & a visit sometime!

  2. Oh Thank you for posting this bar recipe! I just made them for a BBQ tomorrow and I had to taste a bite and they are DELICIOUS!! Except I put coconut and chopped pecans in mine :)- Christy