Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It rained!

WHOOOO-EEEE!  Hiking this morning, I could have practically swam up the hill!  At 5:00 it was 77 degrees and 84% humidity!  Can you say disgusting!?  Although there was a pretty good breeze at the top, so it made it actually kind of chilly :) 
Finally all the black clouds produced some rain over our house around supper time last night....and it actually was still raining pretty hard when I hit the sheets at 11.  We have gotten teased so many times this summer, so it was fun to actually get the rain here.  And the kids were loving it outside!  Such a nice break from the sweltering heat :)
Anita, this wagon has provided more hours of entertainment around here :)
Alanys the lucky one who got to be the "pusher"!  I have tried many times to get rid of this broken jeep, but every time I put it in the garbage pile, the kids haul it back out!
Excuse me missy-poo, get over here!  I guess teaching her to play in the road maybe isn't one of the best ideas!
But she was having a ball!


Today is going to be another "purging" day around here... I said that when school starts, I was going to go through each room in my house and CLEAN it!  Yesterday I tackled the girls room, and it took me a few hours, but man does it feel good to have that room done!  When I was done with that I went through all the girls drawers, and cleaned out my little storage/garage sale bin.  As a result....I ended up with two BIG garbage bags of garbage, 3 bags to send to goodwill, and one bag of stuff for my sister to rifle through.  I love purging!!! 
Now to just get these bags out of my house :)
Next much dreaded office :) 
Happy hump day!

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