Monday, August 9, 2010


Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.  It's one of those Monday's around here today!  I decided last night as I was going to bed, that I am not even going to set my alarm clock to go hiking....and if I wake up, then great, I'll go, and if I don't wake up...that would be just fine too!  Well, I didn't really expect to sleep until 9:30 either!!  I guess I needed it tho :)  It felt good,  but now I am feeling quite lazy, and I need some serious motivation to get going!  This is what I feel like doing...
But if I grabbed my book (which I just started and is really good so far!) and sat down to house would be a great disaster.  It would be much greater than just a few bowls spilled and left on the table from breakfast!  (breakfast at 10:00 mind you!)
But even if I got moving and shaking right now and kept at it all day, if you stopped by at 5p.m., you still might find little miss Taryn like this ;)
diaper-clad and hair all a mess!
At least some of us around here are raring to go....the other girls are playing wedding, and miss Trina is the twirling flower girl!  But she kind of forgot what she was supposed to be doing when she saw me out with my camera LOL.  Trina...I think you're wanted in front of the church!

How is your Monday going?  Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, I hope it's great!  One week from today, I'll have some organization around here.  Kids will be back in school!

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  1. Hey, enjoy your last week to be lazy! When the kids are back in school, you will probably get that burst of energy to do what you need to do around the house.