Monday, August 16, 2010

And they're off....

To School!! 

The girls were soooo excited for the first day of school!!  Yesterday I overheard my 8 year old telling my 9 year old..."This sunday is taking was too long to be over!!" 
On 'meet the teacher' night last week, Alanys' kindergarten teacher gave her some 'magic confetti' to set by her bed the night before the big day.  She loved it, and it was right there on her pillow next to her as she fell asleep!
Here is the poem that goes along with it...
The night before school is exciting and fun.
There are always so many things to be done.
Your clothes are ready, your backpack is too.
Your classroom is full of fun things you will do
There are so many questions that go through your mind
All types of thoughts of every kind.
But sometimes we all get the jitters down deep
And that makes it hard to fall fast asleep.
So i've made you some magic confetti, it really is cool
it will help you be rested and ready for school.
Just place the confetti next to your bed
On the night before school starts where you lay down your head.
The confetti will help you sleep through the night
and you will wake up in the morning fresh and bright.
I'll place the confetti near my bed, too
And remember, I just can't wait for school so I can see you!
I thought it was really cute.  She was actually not one bit nervous until this morning.  I can't believe she is in school now.... 
And I don't think Toni was nervous at all...My big 1st grader!
Kierstyn is in 3rd grade.  She was not liking me and my camera when we got to the school today!  She was so worried that everone was gonna laugh at her getting her picture taken!
Silly :)SCH2
And do I really have a girl in 4th grade??!  Crazy how time is just flying right along!
Some new shoes and a few new backpacks....they're all set!  I hope they have a great year!!
I should have it pretty easy this year with only two home with me during the days....but so far today, my baby has cried all morning and I have had to hold her!  Now she is zonked out in my arms. she sick or just tired?  
Happy monday everyone!


  1. I can't wait to have kids in school! These pictures are just so cute!!

  2. ah yes! such high excitement on the first day! we still have one more week. (can I make it?) LOL
    cute pictures!

  3. We don't start until Sept 7 around here ... still a while to enjoy the last of summer.