Wednesday, August 18, 2010

summer's end....

Last Saturday we headed up the hill to Flagstaff in the middle of the night wee hours of the morning.  We left at 3 a.m. and dropped Frans off around 5:30 or so at Kendrick mtn.  He spent the day looking for elk trying to get pictures.  He didn't have much luck getting pictures, but he saw quite a few, and got some great video coverage :)
I think the girls and I covered just about the whole town of Flagstaff while garage sale-ing (with NO luck...grrr....)!
But I cheered up in no time at the park!  I mean, who couldn't smile watching this girl?!  I can still hear her excited giggling! :)
Cute Kierstyn...


IMG_1512 I
was quite peacefully laying here reading my book until these two wild girls kicked me right off the sleeping bag!

Lovely Lindsey...

After spending the morning at the park, we went to "Bearizona" in Williams.  The kids were so excited to go there, but I was a little disappointed at how little there was to actually see.  We saw some burros, and some Bison and a few bears, but the bears were far off.  It's been many years since we drove through "Bear Country USA", but I thought I remembered it being 'more'.  Have any of you been there?  And if so, what did you think?  And I was a little disappointed to find out that they charge for each person in the car, instead of a set rate for the whole carload.  Oh well...the kids still enjoyed it, and now we can say we've 'been there, done that'! 


At the end of the park, there was a 'walk through' area where you could see baby cubs, a fox, etc...All we could see were these two cubs playing!

My girls :)

Alanys and Kierstyn....tough girls with their tattoo's!


After Bearizona, we headed back to Flag to join Paul and Kendra and kiddos for pizza in the park for supper.  It was so awesome to be up in the cool pines and out of the heat!  It was a great send-off to summer!
Made a quick stop in a field of flowers on our way to pick up Frans...


IMG_1639 my beautiful girls ( I'm just a little biased!) Toni and Alanys....




  1. do you remember my post on Bearizona? LOL. yeah definitely not much there. supposedly they are not quite finished with it though. we went memorial day weekend...admission was free for locals.

  2. Flagstaff looks blissful! Love the kids in the field of flowers..What a nice trip to take, Heidi

  3. oh, so you did go to Flagstaff last sat. It looks like you had a fun day, and got out of this heat! Betty