Monday, September 13, 2010

what a weekend!

What a weekend it was!  Our Mother's retreat this weekend was wonderful!  And now it's Monday, and I am thinking..."Is it really over already?  Is my work really done?  How did it come and go so fast??!"  It was a lot of work, and I am SO relieved to be done, but it was also fun at the same time.  And I was able to relax at camp too :)  That is, until I got a call.  At 3:00. And that's A.M. not p.m.  Mind you, I had just barely fallen asleep maybe an hour earlier... It was my friend Michelle..."we have bed bugs, do you have another room you can move us to?!"  OH NO!!!!!!!!  Are you sure??  Bed Bugs???  Say it isn't so!!  My skin instantly started crawling, and of course we then had to check under our beds!  (good thing there were none!) 
So after getting them a new room, and calling my brother the bed bug expert (sorry for the middle of the night phone call scare ben!!) it took me a while to get back to sleep!  What a night and what a morning it was!  I can now say that I know all that I care to know about Bed bugs!  Ever wonder what one looks like?  Here is one that looks just like the one I saw....nasty little creatures hey!?


But despite all that hoopla, camp was very refreshing and so uplifting!!  So awesome to be surrounded by so many other mothers who share the same trials and temptations and joys as I do!  I didn't bring my camera, but did take a few with my friend Denise's camera.  So when she gets them posted on her facebook, I will have to 'steal' a few!  We ended camp by stopping at our friend Diane's house in Prescott, and got a wild ride with her on her new golf cart :)  It was a good weekend!
For Carol's wrap up and some photo's, check out her blog
I'm off to get some cleaning done, my house has been getting neglected for too long :(
And I'll leave you with a few more pictures that are a little more pleasing to look at!  My two sweeties!  Taryn is just thrilled I'm home, but she hasn't wanted to be real close to me yet!  She's still a little mad at me for leaving her for the weekend :(  But maybe now she won't be so attached to me.  She much more preferred Frans than me all evening!

How was your weekend? 

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