Wednesday, September 29, 2010

good morning!

Happy hump day!  It's a beautiful morning here :)


Ok, so I had a friend (who shall remain nameless) call me yesterday and share a 'norwex' story with me that I thought was pretty funny....
She got to cleaning her house with her 'rags', and when she looked out her kitchen window she decided that her car windows really needed to be cleaned too.  So she took her 'rags' and went outside to clean the inside of her car windows.  Well after she got done, she realized that the outside of her car was pretty darn dirty she packed up the kids and headed off for the carwash.  Her car came out sparkling clean, and she realized that the rags really worked awesome on her windows now that she could see through the outside dirt :)  As she drove away, she realized that she still had some time, and the kids were getting cranky because they were  hungry, so she decided to roll through McDonalds.  She got herself a sausage and egg mcmuffin because they were cheap, and she thought that it couldn't be too high in calories because all it is is a sausage and egg and a muffin.  Well, she was NOT happy to find out that she had just consumed 490 calories in one sandwich!  So now all because she decided to clean up a little in the morning, she spent about $10 extra between the carwash and Micky D's, and she would have to work out extra hard at the gym that day!  Not to mention that after all that she picked up her Kindergartner from school, and after spotting the McDonald's bag, and realizing that there was no food left for him, he became cranky too!  AAaaah!  Time for naps!
The Norwex mission is to radically reduce the use of chemicals in your home, and at the same time save you TIME and $$....but what you do with all your extra time and $$, well, that's up to you!

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