Sunday, September 19, 2010

story time...

Happy Monday morning y'all!
Like my hubby posted on his facebook, my "wordless wednesday" was so wordless, that it brought us right through the weekend!  Well, I took a few days off there, but I'm back! :)
My girls were all about the dark this weekend!  Don't know why, but every once in a while they'll do this.  Shut off all the lights, and want me to light all kinds of candles, and they round up every flashlight in the house!  This time, we had no working flashlights, so the light off of Frans' video camera was their 'flashlight'. 
I came in the room and saw this, and thought it looked pretty neat :)  Kierstyn kept them entertained for a long time reading to them!
Have any of you ever been to the women's expo?  I went yesterday with some girlfriends, and we had a great time!  My friend Michelle was really hoping to get a free haircut, and she got her name drawn for one at Toni and Guy, so she was fired up about that....and the cut looks great on her!  (was thinking I should have brought my camera, but didn't!)
We wandered around there for a good 4 1/2 hours and had some good laughs!  And I even came home all excited about becoming a Norwex consultant!  Have any of you heard of Norwex?  (If not, well, that's for another post!)   I'm just thinking that I need to get out like that with the 'girls' more often...:) 
Have a great day!

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