Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kamp Kipa

Good Tuesday morning everyone!
I am taking a few minutes breather before I hit the ground running for the day :)  For me it's off to get my haircut (finally!!) then get some cleaning done during baby's nap-time, then off to the dentist! (ugh!!)  I have been putting off the dentist thing for quite some time now for several different reasons...but I can't put it off anymore!  I need two wisdom teeth pulled, so today is just the exam and x-ray.  I think I can manage that fine.  I think I can.  I think I can. 
I am the director for our church's mother's/ladies camp this year up in Prescott, and it's this weekend!  EEEeeek!  I am getting a little stressed out now hoping that everything goes fine!  With that, and the dentist, I am a bundle of nerves right now :)  So I will have a busy week finishing preparing for camp and running around doing last minute things.  
Frans was up at Kamp Kipa, our church camp this past weekend working, so I took the girls and met him up there for the day on Sunday.  I hadn't been there for quite a while, so it was really neat to see all the work that's been done!  A LOT has been done, and it is exciting to see it coming together.  A few pictures of our day...
Kierstyn and Toni looking out of one of the boys' cabin windows...
The porch of the same cabin....new window, new door, new railings, etc...

Taryn standing on the new steps leading up to the cabins....


Inside of the main lodge (kitchen and two bedrooms and a bathroom are behind me).  They are building two rooms at the front of the lodge.  probably for storage and an office of some sort.


Shot of the main lodge from up by the girls cabins.  Roof about half done...


some of the girls cabins...


T Bomb loves having her picture taken!


visiting up at the upper ramada...several Prescott folks were there...


T Town looking cute as ever :)


Trina with her new friend Nora, who did NOT want me taking a picture of her!  She got a serious pout going on!

Untitled-1 And eating watermelon was all serious business for this guy!! 


Frans got the hang of this thing pretty quick...what are they called...kick tide's or something.  I wasn't about to try it!! 



and of course the little spoiled T Bear....  she was loving it up there!  (that is until she fell asleep and then woke up too early!!  time to go home!)


It was so nice to get away for the day and relax a bit!  (But sorry for so many pictures!!)  It was a fun day, and we need to get up there more often!


  1. The pictures are great. And relax, Jenny-the dentist isn't so bad! You are tough:) Mother's camp will go smoothly and everyone will enjoy it like always so just take a couple deep breaths and start looking forward to the weekend! See you there!

  2. Doesn't sound too scary to get the exam done at the dentist ... you can do it!
    And thanks for sharing the pictures from Kamp Kipa. Sure would be fun to walk around the camp and see everything that's been going on.