Thursday, September 30, 2010

At church

While sitting in church this past Sunday, Lindsey was busy writing in her notebook, and she gave me permission to share 'her story'.  I thought it was so cute!  I always wonder what's going thru their minds!
"At Church"
by Lindsey KuoppalaLindsey letter
Right now me and my family are at church and a sermon is speaking to us.  Right now Taryn is peeking over the bench and seeing what's going on behind us, Trina is staring behind us also, Toni is trying to go to bed, Alanys is sitting down and talking to her friend Emalee, and Kierstyn is sitting down and listening to the sermon. 
At church right now there is about 100 people sitting down and listening, 40 people playing outside, 20 people talking, and 10 people out with crying or hungry babies.
The end.
Isn't that the greatest?!?!  At least one of my kids was listening, and I wonder what Frans and I were doing?  Good thing she didn't put something like mom is trying to get us to be quiet and dad is snoring!  LOL
I love it.  Oh the things Kids say and do!  All too quickly these days will be gone, so I am going to get better about documenting the great things they do!


  1. had a good giggle over this one, so cute!

  2. Gotta save these!! quite the observer! good thing she didn't see us, we may have been dozing !!

  3. cute! I love the number of people!