Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fun in the gutter....

If you grew up in Phoenix, you will be able to relate to these pictures!  I remember every time it rained, we would be out running and splashing in the gutters and water filled streets!  What I don't remember is how dirty and disgusting it really was!  Why should I have cared....I wasn't doing my laundry! :)  We got a wallop of a storm last Saturday, and as soon as we got home after it ended, the girls were changing their clothes and racing for the streets!
Our street was pretty dry by the time we got out there, but a few streets down had water flowing pretty good!


And Taryn was really funny to watch....she didn't know if she dared get wet!

I love the golden warm reflection of the sky in the water....

and the calm after the storm....

What fun they had!  There were actually many neighbor kids out playing with them, and I got to meet several new people from around the ' was good!
what is your favorite monsoon memory?  Did your mom let you play in the gutters?
Happy hump day!

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