Friday, September 3, 2010

it's Friday!

Another week has gone by!  It just amazes me how fast time goes...I'm not getting done all that I would like, and would like for it to slow down just a little!  For just a little while :) 
Frans headed up to our church camp to work this weekend, so it's just me and the girls...what to do, what to do?  Got any ideas for us?  I don't think the honey-do list is going to get any shorter with him gone, but maybe I will try and tackle painting my front door red!  I have been dreaming about having a red door for some time now, and I happened to find some paint in the "oops" section at home depot!  score!  So I will post pictures of that if it happens :)
I love this bridge going over the SR 51 between Greenway and Bell, so on my bike ride the other morning, I decided to take my camera along and get a picture of it! For some reason, I really like it...
I am going to start taking my camera along more often....there are so many awesome sites in this city!  This one cute girls loving the wind in their face!


It was REALLY hot this day, so I decided to take the girls swimming when we got home.  I think my swimming for the year is done!!  The water was so cold, it took me at least a half hour to get all the way in!  Poor Taryn didn't have a choice....she just got plopped in there, without anyone asking if she was ok with that!  But she didn't complain a bit...not too cold for her! 


Trina on the other hand...she was better watching from the other side of the fence.  Too cold for her!

So she sat on the patio and played in the hose.  Hmmmm...I can't imagine that that water was much warmer.  Silly girl!
Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm looking forward to a family photo shoot tonight with some folks coming from Colorado!  Watch for some Photos from that next week!