Sunday, October 10, 2010

my picture-a-day project....

I am so excited to start this!!  I have actually wanted to do this for a long time, but have always put it off because I was waiting for a specific day to start...didn't think I should just start on a random day! well, what better day to start than on 10/10/10?  That way it'll be easier to remember what day I started on :)  I am going to take a picture a day, put some journaling with it, print it to an 8 1/2 X 11, put it in a sheet protector and start my book! 
I am really hoping that I can keep up on this!  If any of you reading my blog do this, you should leave me a link in the comments section to where I can see your picture!  It doesn't have to be with journaling...just a picture is fine!  And I am not going to guarantee that I will post it everyday on here, but I'm going to try!

Here is mine for today...

Trina doll house


  1. What a cute idea for capturing all the little things! Heidi

  2. I did this awhile back. I took a picture every day of Tiana - for a month. It's fun to go back and look. Shows their personality through their everyday activities.

  3. How long are you going to keep this up? For a month or year ...
    Great idea and what a great way to capture kids as they grow and everyday life as it happens around you.

  4. Anita, I am going to try for a year! Wish me luck! And it forces me to do something with the pictures I take! so far the first two days have been fun! You should do it always have your camera with you! Caroline, did you scrapbook the pictures of her?