Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first Norwex party....

Was exciting and a great success!!  I am so excited to be on this new venture :)  The consultant who I signed up under came down from Minnesota to train me by doing my first party for me.  I even brought my camera to the party to get a picture of her presenting, but of course I didn't get one picture!  She is going to help me at my second one tomorrow night, then after that I'm on my own!  It was really a lot of fun, and it's the product that is so awesome that it is so easy to sell.  If you are interested in hosting a party, or would like to attend a party, contact me and let me know!  If you would like to attend one, I have several coming up here in Phoenix in the next few weeks, and one in Washington on November 22nd.

In other news.....I am just loving this cool weather we are having here today!!  It is cool, gray and rainy and my doors are open and I am enjoying it to the max!!  Gray and rainy probably doesn't sound all that appealing to those of you who don't live here.....but for us, it's a great change!!  I'm crossing my fingers that this cool down is here to stay now for the winter :)


  1. Good for you! Are you going to be going to Washington for that party? Fun!

  2. Yeah I am going on November18 and the party is on the 22nd at Ambers

  3. Jenny,
    Good Luck with Norwex. I have actually been using there products for about 4 years now and still love them. The window cloths actually do wonders on the stainless steel appliances! Pam told me about that one. and we have stainless steel now and believe me wonders! The toilet cleaner is great too! Have one in each bathroom. The thing is you can get other mircofibre cloths but not the same quality!!!
    Once again hope all goes weel with it!

  4. I'm missing your P.A.D. Know you are busy right now with Norwex, but I'm waiting over here!

  5. oh my gosh Anita, I am so behind on here! I have been so busy, but I have taken the pics! I will post them tomorrow hopefully, or at least a few for you to see :) They are really nothing special, but it has been fun to do! What I really need to do is call you. Maybe tomorrow on my way to a photo shoot I'll try!