Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think Fall may have finally arrived!  And it sure came in with a windy, chilly, rainy bang!  After an average temp in September of 103 degrees (!), I think we phoenicians are all ready for cool weather!  We had a couple of awesome hail storms, but of course I didn't get pictures of it!  I also heard on the radio this morning, that there was a tornado and a few tornado warnings up near Flagstaff.  Crazy!
Here are a few pictures that Frans took later in the afternoon....

Rain 3Rain 2

Rain 4
I LOVE Fall, and I LOVE the rain!!  And I love that I was finally able to turn the AC off, and open the doors to let the cool in!  Ahhhh...


  1. Great pics of the storm! I just LOOOVE this weather. Gotta love Phoenix, goes from 110 to Hail. Heidi

  2. Fun to see rain pictures! Love the jacket, hat and flip flops. :)
    Sounded like Phoenix got plenty of damage .. now might be the time to look for a new vehicle.