Monday, December 6, 2010


Hey, is anyone out there??  Or did I lose you all since I have been M.I.A so long?  Anyways....I'm here. I have been meaning to update on here this whole last week, but as you can see....that didn't happen!  Do you ever feel like life is just whizzing past you and you are just hanging on tight hoping you don't fall off?!  Well, that's how I've felt the last few months, but now looking forward from here....things should be slowing down a bit!  Thank goodness!  I have a few weddings to share, but that will have to wait for another night....for now you are going to get lots of  P.A.D. pages :)  I am still playing catch up on these....I got so far behind when I went to I am only 7 days behind!  I just cranked out 4 pages today, so at that pace, I should be caught up in a few days!
Hope everyone has a great week!  I am planning to get some wedding pictures worked on, some baking done, I've got another Norwex party, and in the mean-time, I hope I can get some grass to grow :)

Some of these are kind of old, but wanted to share them anyways....


  1. Jess Kesti (Hanson)December 8, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    adorable!! fun post! glad your back:)

  2. Fun pages! what a fun album to look back on in years to come!

  3. Yes, I'm still here. Check frequently for updates ... so fun to see more.
    ~ Joyce

  4. Still glad you're back ... it's now Thursday. :) You're looking awesome! So are the pages. :)

  5. Jenny, I want a copy of dad with his medal, and one of your family!! Betty