Monday, July 26, 2010

what a deal...

I am all about finding a good deal these days!!  And I am really enjoying becoming a "couponer" (is that a word??)!  I have been doing it for almost three weeks now, and finally feel like I have a handle on how it all works!  Now that I've got my coupon book all organized, it's actually pretty fun, believe it or not!  But then, who doesn't have fun knowing they are saving $$$? 
I thought I would post a few pictures of my new "baby" coupon organizer :)  This thing goes wherever I go, and is loaded with the ads, coupons, rainchecks, etc.  It is so much easier to do now since I've put it all together. 
The beginning of the 3 ring binder are my coupons in nifty baseball card holders!  I found these ones at Office max and staples, but I'm sure you could find them at Target or Walmart as well.  I looked at Walmart supercenter and they didn't have them, but a lot of times the supercenters don't always have as big a selection of stuff.  And maybe I just couldn't find them....So easy to see what I have, the expiration date, etc....  so much better than leafing thru my coupons trying to find one!
I have them all divided with tags marking the different categories....frozen foods, dairy, baby, paper products, office, etc...everyone seems to do this a little different, but this seems to be the best way for me so far.
Behind the coupons are my pocket dividers that hold all my ads, so I have them all with me all the time.  so nice to be able to be in Fry's and pull out the Albertsons ad to compare prices...After taking the picture, I added those little tags labeling which ad is where for fast finding!
And last, this is actually in the front of the binder, is my pencil holder that has all my rainchecks in it.  The only bummer about ad/coupon shopping, is that if it's a hot deal, you have a good chance of the store being out of the product.  So it results in making multiple trips to the store to get those items.  But I'll do it if it's a great sale.
IMG_0458 Before I go to the store, I make my shopping list, and put it in the front, and pull the coupons I know I need and put them in the pink pouch as well.  And on my list I'll write down for example 'bread', and I'll put the price, and the quantity i'm getting, and if I have a coupon.  Can you say EASY!!?  I used the binder for the first time last night at Fry's and Safeway, and it was so easy to use!  And maybe I do look like a total dork in the grocer store...but hey...who cares!?  I'm saving money!!
I also thought I would post my favorite deals of the week here on Monday's too...(This is for the Phx area )
Staples:  Has packs of 500 count multipurpose paper for $0.01!  Cost is $4.99 with a $4.98 rebate that you can send in for or do online, which I prefer, and they will send you a visa cash card.  Can't beat a penny!  The only bummer is that there is only a limit of 2 rebates :(
CVS:  (my new favorite store!!)  Has pamper's diapers for $21.99 with $10.00 of extra bucks rewards, so that's like getting them for $11.99, and I have a coupon for $2.00 off.  final cost:  $9.99
I will use my $10.00 bucks rewards for diet coke 12 packs which are only $2.66
What other deals can you all share with us? 
My friends are all probably getting sick of me talking about this :)  but it is still exciting for me as I just started!  And it is so fun to look up others blogs to see how they do it! 


  1. I don't think anyone is getting sick of hearing about good ways to save money :) Greg & I just ran to CVS, Office Max and Fry's. Each store we left I was grinning ear to ear, excited about my savings. 12 folders for $0.01 EACH!! And a free backpack! Lovin' it!

  2. looks good jenny:) if i ever get mine put together looks like the baseball card holders work perfect

  3. Today is my first day looking into clipping coupons, checked out coupon mom, she seems to have a lot of info. Made me a little upset at all the money I've been wasting, I can't believe I haven't started this process sooner! Anyway you inspired me and now I can't wait to learn all the ins and outs of Coupon Clipping!!!

  4. Caroline, did you get the backpack from Staples with their 100% rewards? I was wondering if that was a good deal...I didn't check the prices of the backpacks when I was in there. Also, I forgot to mention, that I 2 packs of 8 count pens for $0.01 also. Spend minimum of $5 and you get them for that. that is from staples.

  5. Great job Jenny! I really need to get busy and do something like this ... or pass it along to Tia to do. Would be a great learning experience and she could a little of the saved money into her back pocket.

  6. We pickedup backpacks in Menards for $0.99. They were $5.99 with a $5 rebate on them. It is always fun to save money!

  7. I forgot to mention....I also went to and updated my email address and got a $4 off coupon off my next order of $20. so actually, I will be getting the diapers for $5.99 :)

  8. I really should be doing coupons also. Where do you get all your coupons from? Do you get the Sunday paper? I know about the ones online.

  9. yes, I get the weekend paper and the wednesday a lot of my coupons come from that. I bought a 2nd paper this past sunday, and have already used several of the coupons from both papers.

  10. Sari, Heidi, and Kaija are all coupon queens! I've been learning a lot from them. Watch the Walgreens add, you can get stuff almost free using the register rewards coupon. For example: After buying a $3 toothpaste that will give you a register rewards coupon of $3, you take the rewards coupon, buy another toothpaste(that ends up being free) you just have to buy a small iten along with it-pack of gum etc.