Thursday, July 22, 2010

just because....

I just love these two pictures of my two youngest monkey's....thier expressions in both of them are so "them" !  Trina is such a little fish, and knows how to swim, but is just as happy to play on the steps.  She kept bobbing up and giggling at me :)  If you put her in the pool at 7:00a.m. and didn't take her out until sunset, that would be just fine with her!

And Taryn...that sneaky little thing....anytime the back door opens, she is outside and in her little play kiddie pool before you even knew what happened!  Clothes on, clothes off, either way is good for her!

I'm wondering right now Why I am sitting inside on the computer, when a storm is brewing outside, and it feels so good!  The kids are all out there on their bikes for the first time in a long time, and I think I am going to head out there and join them!  LOVE a good AZ monsoon storm, and this one looks promising! 
But is there anyone else out there that remembers being a kid growing up here, and the storms being so much better than what we get now??  My memories are heading for the green belt and watching the roaring river, and running down the gutters splashing in the water, and the power going out and the flashlights and candles would come out.  Or is it just that when you're a kid, everything is just that much more exciting?  :)  What is your favorite monsoon memory?  And is it raining where you are right now?
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday evening!

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