Thursday, July 29, 2010

back to school...

Almost.  Not yet.  But I can't believe we are already at the end of July!  After really not enjoying last summer at all, I was actually really dreading this summer.  But I shouldn't have has been a lot of fun!  And honestly, the heat really hasn't bothered me. :)  But back to the matter at hand...I am not ready to send this little sweety of mine to Kindergarten!!  Does it get harder with every kid to send them off??  I tell her at least every day..."I don't know what we are going to do without you!!!"  And last night I told her in a gruff voice..."you aren't allowed to go to Kindergarten, you have to stay home with us, because we would miss you too much if you go!!"  She just got this worried look and stared at me until she realized I was kidding!  But seriously...I only get three more weeks with her??  BOO HOO HOO!
I brought her on the much anticipated shopping trip to Target on Monday to pick out her backpack!  After doing much research on the internet about backpacks, Lindsey already had one picked out for Alanys before we went!  She was going to get the shiny pink 'hello kitty' one....even as we were dropping lindsey off at summer school, she told Alanys..."remember, get the shiny hello kitty one!"  Hmmmm....Is it just because she's the oldest, or is she bossy just because??  After much contemplation tho, Alanys chose the beautiful Princess castle one!  Good choice girl!
"Hurry up and stop taking pictures mom, so we can go in and buy a backpack before they are all gone!!"IMG_0462 I go with Lindsey's choice, or go with the princess one!?  so tough to decide :)

Alanys She thouroghly checked them out to make sure she was getting the perfect one :)

IMG_0470 "Take a picture of me too mom....cheeeeeeeeeeese..."

IMG_0472 My big Kindergartner!!



  1. O what a big girl! I felt that way sending Shania off, I cried more than she did-but I'm feeling ok so far about sending Breanna. Alanys must be more of a mommy's girl!

  2. I am dreading when Simon starts kindergarten :( Heidi