Monday, June 28, 2010

What a fun weekend!

This weekend was so much fun!! 
On Friday afternoon I left the house and headed to the Pointe Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs for some girl time!  It was such a treat :)  There were 7 of us ladies and we lounged in the pool, ate dinner at Tutti Santi's and spent the evening lounging in the pool some more!  The visiting went well into the night and I think I finally fell asleep on a few of the girls around 4a.m.!'s been a while since I've been that foolish!  That's just a half an hour before I have been waking up lately to go hiking!  But the visiting was good, and worth the lack of sleep:) 
On Saturday morning after checking out of our room, I went to pick up my girls from home and we went to the Hilton Squaw Peak and spent the day at the waterpark there.  The girls had so much fun running between the water slide and the lazy river!  Frans joined us at about 4:00 and we didn't leave for home until around 6!  It was a great time, and felt like a little mini vacation:) 
The best part of the whole deal was the price!  Would you guess it cost only $10.00?!  We got the room for $70 and that was split between 7 of us...!  Can't wait to do it again! 
Love these pictures of Adeline and Taryn....Taryn was loving the water but insisted on playing on the step without us holding her!
Untitled-5 Good friends....good visiting!  Thanks to Lindsey for arranging it all....and for not letting me stay home!

Untitled-7 Even us "big" kids enjoyed the slide!

Untitled-2 Trina got so tired after not having a nap!  while on the lazy river I told her "just lay your head down and go to sleep..."  she was out in about 30 seconds!


The kids were all zonked out early on saturday night after spending the whole day in the sun!  Sure beats a Saturday spent at home cleaning!
Sunday started out with an early morning hike with the hubby, then off to church, then an afternoon of lazing around reading, and we ended the weekend with some friends over for visiting and swimming!  Now to play catch up around here....:)
How did you spend your weekend?

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