Saturday, June 19, 2010

The hike was awesome!

Pretty much the best way to describe hiking to the top of Humphrey's Peak, is WOW.
We started hiking at 8:40 and got to the top at about noon.  It was an awesome experience,and I am so glad that I went.  Despite being sick all week, and behind on sleep, I made it all the way!  
My hubby and fun to do this together!  :)
There were times that I definately thought about turning around and heading down tho, but I kept truckin along...The views were fantastic, and the trail was actually pretty nice most of the way.
I only got a few pictures of the others that were with us....
there were 8 girls that took off about a half hour before us...a few girls each from Flagstaff, Prescott, CO and one from Phoenix.
In our group there were 11 of us that hiked up together.  We had a good time!


The winds at the top were probably between 60-70 mph, and the temp was about 50 degrees!!  Can you say bitterly cold??!  It wouldn't have been so bad if I was better dressed for the weather.  What I wore was fine until we got to the last mile of the hike!  The winds were the strongest winds that I have ever been in, they were just about enough to knock you over!  Yikes!  There is a wall built out of rocks on top to make a little shelter from the we huddled in there for a while before heading back down!  I believe this next picture is looking down at Locket pretty!  The views from on top were absolutely amazing!IMG_7773x6

So much snow still on top!


throwing snowballs!

My first time ever being above the tree trees growing this high, but I did find a few flowers!


Heading back down.  I didn't enjoy the trip down so much....I had a massive headache from the elevation, and It lasted most of the way down.
We ended our day with pizza and visiting at Oregano's in Flagstaff.  What a I need to catch some zzzzzz''s!


  1. I am so very proud of you both! You make me want to start the baby steps needed to climb the mountain. Beautiful views from on top and what fun to make the trek with other people! Great job!

  2. I'm inspired by you! Good for you, to make it all the way!