Friday, June 4, 2010

summer is here!

And is in full swing around here!  So far we have been camping, slept in, had some late nights, lazed around, had sleepovers, done lots of swimming....and we have loved that we don't have a schedule!  The girls are asking to go swimming by 9:00 a.m. most days!  During the winter months, I often wish we didn't have a pool, and just had a bigger yard for the girls to run in.  But come summertime...I am sure glad we have it! 
We don't have any big summer plans....but to just hang around here and have fun!  Any ideas on how to (cheaply) entertain a bunch of girls??  I've also got a girl turning 9 next week, and a girl turning 8 next month....What are some fun birthday activity ideas for that?  I gotta start brainstorming!
 In the meantime, here are some fun pictures of our camping trip last weekend, and of the girls having fun outside...
Have a great weekend everyone!
We camped just past snowball...I couldn't believe that Humphrey's Peak still had snow up on top!  We are hiking that mountain in a few weeks, and I'm thinking that it's going to be cold up there!!

Camping 1
Loved how relaxing of a weekend it was!  Took a couple walks, got a few pages of my book read, sat around and visited....good times!  And I hope we are able to go a few more times this summer! 

Camping 2 The girls have spent most of their days so far this summer in the pool!  I put Taryn in the baby pool today, but she was NOT impressed!!  Poor baby...will have to let the water warm up some more before she goes again!

Being in the sun all day makes for some tired girls!!  hmmmm...need to get better about remembering the sunscreen!

And a fun shot of Kierstyn now that I'm here!  This is my girl who loves to have her picture taken!  She was all dressed up the other day, and when I pulled out the camera, she was just thrilled!  Love her!


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  1. Love all the bright summery photo's. Looks like lots of fun times for the girls!