Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My twin brothers

I don't know what has gotten into me this morning, and don't even know why I'm about to post this, but here goes anyways...My brothers a year older than me are twins...Brad and Brian, or better know maybe to most of you as the 'borlups'!  I took some family photos of my brother Brian and his family while they were just in town over Christmas, and while going through and editing them this morning, I had this wave of sadness go over me thinking about how much they're missed here!  I am not one to let my friends/family know how much they mean to me, so here I am letting everyone know:)  No seriously, we did so much together growing up, and I wanted to be with them all the time!  They probably got so sick of me always tagging along, but I like to think that deep down they enjoyed me just a little!  At 18 I moved to WA (they lived there then too), and even away from home I still turned to them to borrow money, to get me out of jams, etc...and I got to be with them while they courted their wives, and for both of their weddings, and was there to see their first kids as newborns!  I even got to see Allison's ring before Brad proposed...( I think I was the only lucky one!)  And lucky for me too, they both married girls that I just love!!!!  Double bonus for me:)  I have always wanted myself to have twin boys, (and still hope I do!), and I think it's because of the closeness we shared.  Anyways, I thought it would be fun to one, let them know how much I love them and miss them, and two, I thought it would be fun to hear stories from my blog readers of memories you have of the Borlups! 
Here are a few pictures taken while we were in WA in 2007....can you tell who is who??


  1. Aww Jenny! What a sweet sister you are:) I don't remember 'hanging' out much with them growing up other than at kids or passing thru the halls of Coronado. I think it wasn't until WA when I actually hung out with them more. I guess I will always remember them laughing. They always took the lighter side of things and found humor in most situations. Hopefully life has been good to them both and they have every happiness because I think they are two really great guys!!

  2. Jenny, this is so cute! There are actually many times that I wish we lived in the same state as you.
    And I feel so lucky to have Bradley as my husband!