Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little sweetie...

I just have to blog about Alanys, my sweet 4 year old!  She is my spunky little girl who doesn't do much around here to help out.  When you ask the girls to clean up, she doesn't.lift.a.finger!  Usually.  Until recently.  I don't know what changed, but this last week, she has been the best helper ever!  I don't even have to ask her, and she will start picking up!  Or even if I ask one of the other girls to do something, or get something for me, she is off and running to do it.  So awesome!  I am just in awe over this change, and I am loving it:)  So Saturday she got rewarded with a strawberry frappacino from starbucks....She was just thrilled!  It's the little things.  I love this girl!


  1. Cute! Hopefully she'll keep on helping, especially if she knows she'll be rewarded. I think I need to try that...

  2. She sounds a lot like my little Claire! And they still look alike in a way too.

  3. oh she is soo cute! give her and the rest of your girls a big hug from me! i would just love to be coming down there again this winter to see you all!