Friday, January 15, 2010

Taryn's 6 month photo...

Finally we got her 6 month pictures done...only a week late!  Poor care bear got attacked this month!  She was oblivious of care bear for the first couple pictures, but as soon as she noticed her, she wouldn't leave her alone!  It was sure good for a few laughs:)
Tar010  Bear 1 Bear 2


  1. Hey! Caroline told me about your blog.
    These pictures are adorable! I love how the bright colors pop against the black background! And that's to die for!

  2. I'll have to thank Caroline;)
    Thanks for leaving a comment, it's so fun to see who all stops by. I'm kind of a slacker about doing regular updates on here, but I am getting better! I have browsed through your etsy site too, and you have some adorable things!! You are so creative!