Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just look at that....

I'm back in business!  Wow, was that an absence or what?  LOL  It's been quite a while since I have been on here last.....so how do I wrap up the last two months in one post?  Ok, I won't.  But I will share a few pictures to show a little of what we've been up to around here!  :)
I realized a few weeks ago that I never did post any pictures of Ashley and Drew's wedding on here!  I traveled to Washington for their wedding in November.  We had a fun day despite the fact that it was soooo freezing outside, and the bride had a miserable case of strep throat!  Here are just a few pics to show you.
My adorable niece Claire was the flower girl....

Around here this winter, probably the biggest thing going on, is Frans getting started on his own roofing company!  We've been beyond busy trying to get everything going, but it has been fun too. We are now the proud owners of UltraFoam L.L.C!

We have also had lots of visitors, and it has been great having them all!  Jari was with us for several weeks, then we had a short break until Frans' mom and dad came for a week and a half, then a break for a day, and Anita, Anna and Tia were here for a week!  Now our nephew Brian is here from MN staying with us for a short while.    It has been busy but so much fun to have the out of town family here!  Here are the girls with Grandma and Grandpa....

I love this picture I took of Tia when they were here....

And her and my crazy daughter thought that for some reason it was warm enough to swim at the beginning of March!

Taryn having a ball one day showing off her hula-hooping skills to us!

And while the weather has not been warm enough for me to go swimming, it has been perfect for hiking!  Kierstyn and I on the top of Squaw Peak...

And there are lots more pictures to share, but I will save them for another post!  And I promise you won't have to wait another two months for them!  But I can't end this post without sharing these pictures of my brand new niece Piper who I got to meet when I was in Seattle!  Isn't she adorable!?


  1. yay! :) nice pics! love the ones of Taryn.. :) glad you're back. Jessica Kesti (Hanson)

  2. Very cute pictures! LOVE the one of Claire!

  3. All the pictures are beautiful! Claire is so cute, Piper is so cute, grandma and grampa with the kids is very cute, Ashley and Drew's are beautiful, cute of you and Kierstyn. Betty