Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5 generations

I had the privilage of photographing 5 generations of beautiful women today!   I was thrilled when Ashley called me to schedule a date last minute!  You don't hear of five generations often, (at least I don't), and to have them all be girls is awesome :) And  I am related to all of grandma Esther, Aunt Pat, cousin Debbie, first cousin/once removed Ashley, and what would that make me to Rihanna?  First cousins, twice removed?  Anyways....  here is a sneak peek Ashley!

I just LOVE this picture of grandma and Rihanna...Grandma will be 91 in February (doesn't she look amazing), and I'm not sure how old Rihanna is, but I would guess she's two.  Many years between these two!

Grandma's think of how many tears they have wiped, meals they have baked, hugs they have given, how much work they have done, hands they have held, spankings they have given, nails that have been bitten...

At Ashley's wedding, she had a picture taken of 4 generations of hands...  Here is the same picture with one more set added in!


  1. Oh my gosh! Tears in my eyes - some of my favorite people are pictured here. I love your grandma so much! She gave me an afghan for Christmas, it'll be treasured forever!

  2. i almost am at a loss for words...because i so badly miss my precious to have a grandmother that you are close too...

  3. I'm with Barb .. I'm going to have to wipe some eyes. What a treasure to be able to have these photos captured.

  4. beautiful memories, awesome pictures. Betty

  5. These pictures are so precious! They turned out great!!