Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have some serious catch-up to do on the ol' blog!  I've got wedding pictures to share, family sessions to share, and some P.A.D pictures to share!  I better get all caught up on these things tomorrow, because with still a wedding and two family sessions to edit, and three Norwex parties this week, it will be friday before I know it :)
The news is claiming that tomorrow starts our cool down here in Phoenix....hmmm....I wonder if that will turn out to be true!  Still running my A/C over here, and I'm just trying my hardest to keep the thought "it's November!" out of my head!  Unbelievable!  Crossing my fingers that it really does start cooling off!
Does anyone in the Phx area know where I can find a piano teacher who is reasonably priced to come teach my girls to play the piano?  They are actually pretty good at plunking out several tunes by ear....but I would like to get them in lessons soon!  This piano has such a beautiful sound!  (And huge thanks to some wonderful friends for making it affordable to have it!)  My mom and dad came over last week, and my mom actually sat down and played a song!  She is a great piano player, and we are lucky when we can get her to play even one song!  But I do have memories of her playing a lot while we were growing up. :)  Who knows, maybe I will even take lessons along with the girls! 

 This weekend was fun just hanging out at home with the kids!  I think it was needed by them just as much as us!  It feels so good to just 'chill' every once in a while :)
 Have a great Sunday everyone! 


  1. Super fun to have a well functioning piano. I loved the character of the other one! Good luck with the piano lessons. :)
    Game night. Aaaah.
    Wedding pictures ... we're anxiously waiting for a sneak peek.

  2. would love a piano over here! You should check with the schools music teacher for lessons?