Monday, October 19, 2009

three months old...

I have really been a slacker where this blog is concerned!!  Time to  update!  I haven't had my camera out a whole lot this last month, and that is unusual for me!  But I did get Taryn's three month picture with her care bear...I am just late in posting about it:)  Care bear is shrinking!  Fun to watch her growth this way...she is definately a little chunkier than last months picture! 
I am hoping we can take a drive somewhere up North this weekend to try capture some fall colors...It hardly feels like fall here with the temps so high...I am hoping for some cooler weather soon!  It is unbelievable that we are already halfway thru this time of year, but it just snuck up on me this time!
Anyways, keep checking back, as I will try to do a photo-a-day for the rest of this month to make up for my absence!
Happy Monday!
Three months old

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  1. cute! we were thinking about heading north for some fall colors too! And some cool weather!