Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday's Photo of the day...

is actually three photos...Frans spent the afternoon planting grass, and I sat by with the camera!  No really, I did help him a little!  Here are Lindsey (before she got dirty helping with the top soil) and Trina and Kierstyn looking on!  And of course my hubby working hard!  Soon I will have beautiful green grass for the girls to run around in!  (ok, so it ended up being four pictures!) 
One bag of fertilizer + 1 bag of seed + 15 bags of top soil + one cheerful hubby + 3 'helpers' = one nice looking lawn! (we hope!)  It was a good Monday!


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  1. Don't I remember this well! My lawn mower broke again. Go figure. Can never get one to last more than a year. Need to hurry up and get it back to Sears. Got smart and started buying warranties with them! Kids will certainly love the green grass ... good cartwheel photos coming right up.