Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bucket fun..

I'm here, I'm here...Took a little break from the blog to get through the busy-ness/adjusting to new baby, summer's end, and school starting, but I'm back now!  Now it's time for some catch up :)  I will try to post lots of pics over the next few days to show what we have been up to around here!
Trina loves playing in the hose on the patio while the other girls are swimming...and the bucket kept her happy for at least an hour!  Love this girl and love how easy-going and happy she is!  doesn't take much to make her happy!
here are a few more summer-time swimming-fun pictures...
Lindsey and Kierstyn have both practiced and practiced their dives and flips and they are getting pretty darn good!  and Alanys is our goggle-loving goofball!
IMG_9526 IMG_9798 IMG_9771IMG_8390

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